English Goth Chick wears a Leash and Describes Herself as a “Pet”

Bus Company Throws Her Off Bus, Then Apologizes 

The Story of Tasha, who says she acts “animal-like” and is some Guy’s “Pet”

If A Goth Chick says she’s a pet,  Acts like a pet,
Why get upset when she’s treated like a pet?

We were over at Anna’s Clue Tank and saw this story about some Goth chick being led around on a leash.

Okay, nothing too far out of the ordinary there: Goth chicks just wanna have fun and all that.

But this Goth chick said that she was some guy’s “pet”.

Okay, different strokes for different folks, as they used to say in the Jimmy Carter, whacked-out ’70s. Whatever.

And then, the bus company kicked off the bus she was riding on in London.

Okay, that’s easy to figure: most public transportation companies in the U.S. have rules about pets riding the buses, right?

But then, the Goth chick gets upset at being treated like the “pet” she wants to be. So the bus company does what any business operating in the modern world of the hair-trigger uber-offended would do: it apologizes for treating her like a pet.

What does the Goth chick say?

“I am a pet,” she told the Daily Mail. “I generally act animal-like and I lead a really easy life.

So what kind of apology would the bus company offer her?

“Sorry for treating you like you–like the pet you said you were?”

Anna had this to say, as a way of introducing said story.

Read rest of story:

Pet Girl Thrown Off Bus; Bus Company Apologizes for Treating Her Like  a Pet 


Pet Girl Thrown Off Bus; Bus Company Apologizes for Treating Her Like  a Pet

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