If you’ve ever read my personal blog you’ll know that I am far from a supporter of Barack Obama. However I am going to discuss the alleged assassination plot against him by two neo-nazi skinheads from an apolitical point of view.

As I’m sure most are you are well aware of the ATF announced that authorities have arrested two neo-nazi skinheads that were allegedly plotting an attack not only on Senator Barack Obama but planned on attacking students at predominantly black schools as well.

20-year-old Daniel Cowart of Tennessee and 18-year-old Paul Schlesselman are the two skinheads in question. The pair met on the web because of their mutual interest in white supremacy. Cowart ia a high school dropout and lived with his grandparents. Whether or not it was in their basement is unknown.

The two suspects hatched probably the most ridiculous plot for a killing spree in human history. In their sick little twisted fantasy plans they planned on killing 88 black students from an unnamed black school and decapitating 14 other black students. For those of you unfamiliar with the white supremacy movement the number 88 is code for Heil Hitler since the letter H is the 8th letter in the alphabet. The number 14 represents the 14 words.

To raise the level of absurdity to this plot after they committed the near impossible murders without getting caught they planned on assassinating Senator Barack Obama who as we all know is currently running for President. The way they allegedly wanted to commit the assassination was to drive a speeding car towards him while shooting at him while they wore white tuxedos and tophats.

Would they have been able to carry out the plot successfully? Not a chance. Are these just the racist fantasies from a bunch of drunken hicks? More than likely.

So what’s the big deal? Why all the commotion? Why was the ATF involved if this plot was just the stuff of fantasy?

Even though these two are obviously mentally deficient that doesn’t make them any less dangerous.

Both were already in possession of unregistered weapons. When the duo was arrested law enforcement seized a rifle, a sawed-off shotgun and three pistols from them. Police say they were getting ready to rob a gun store to get more weapons. That’s a federal crime which drew the attention of the ATF. They also had nylon rope and ski masks that they allegedly were going to use in other robberies to fund their spree. The day of their arrest they allegedly fired a round into the window of a black church. Being the cowards that they are no one was in the church at the time.

So even though their ‘goals’ were totally unobtainable they did take steps to try and achieve those goals. That my friends is crime enough. Even if they had taken their plot one step further someone might have been hurt or killed. It’s not unlike the kids who get arrested for plotting a school shooting. If it’s just BSing between friends then there’s no crime, but once they take a step towards committing the attack then it’s a crime.

My point is that this crime needs to be kept in perspective. Was Senator Obama’s life ever in danger? Not at all and this was also not part of some vast conspiracy. Conversely these weren’t just two good ol’ boys swapping jokes over a case of Bud Light. They are dangerous and law enforcement was correct in taking these inept criminals. seriously.

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