According to the New York Times:

“Jerome B. York, an adviser to the billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian, resigned from the board of General Motors today, and condemned the company’s management and its ability to overhaul the company in his letter of resignation.

After Mr. York informed G.M. that he was quitting, Mr. Kerkorian said he no longer wanted to increase his stake in the company beyond the 9.9 percent he has now.

The moves came two days after talks collapsed among General Motors, Renault and Nissan over a global alliance — talks that Mr. Kerkorian instigated and that he pushed the reluctant management of General Motors into joining.”

Market Watch reports:

“General Motors Corp. shares tumbled Friday after Jerome York, Kirk Kerkorian’s close ally in his bid to shake up the company, abruptly resigned from the giant car maker’s board.

York’s sudden exit comes just two days after GM ended nearly three months of talks concerning a possible strategic alliance with Nissan-Renault.”


And, that’s just fine with me. Almost all of today’s automobiles already seem to share the same blah look. Very few seem to stand out of the herd on the highways and byways. Ah, for the good old days of the automobile… today’s classics and antiques. Now those were vehicles with character.
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