David Schussler

The current world situations provide a perfect opportunity for the American electorate to make some intelligent decisions regarding our presidential candidates. How the candidates perceive and plan to resolve or deal with world crises is ultra important to us NOW. Our election is looming and a new president is forthcoming. Will he be able to face up to a dominant world leader, a bully, or a crazed but intelligent rogue leader? Are these “the times that try men’s souls”?

We have problems and situations enough at home with our economy, ecology, and social dilemmas, but the broader spectrum of world situations that affect us today dwarf our internal difficulties. This is where a candidates ideology, experience, and record are truly meaningful. Proven leadership, vision, and acumen are necessary as the next president will inherit a tough job, like non other in the world.

The American people must pay attention to all current events as the candidates express their opinions. These events as they unfold will provide the referendums for both candidates as they strive for the most important office in the world.

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