BLOGGIES Onemanbandwidth made the top five for Best Asian Blog in the other top, top worldwide blog competition on the web. Please check out the site and look at the blogs listed in various categories. You will laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll vote for me–Or not…. Voting is at: I am partial to a few blogs up for awards. I know! This could get me in dutch with the other nominated folks, but I have some friends in the mix as well as some sites I have fancied for a while… One of the most creative, funny and touching sites in the sphere is Post Secret (nominated in several categories) I tagged it for Best Community Blog. It is the web version of a Korean soap opera and I am addicted. I have “known” tongzhi (comrade) Scott at the endlessly imaginative and provocative Scott-O-Rama for a couple of years. He is my insta-pick for Best GBLT Blog. Everyone else has been a fixture at blog awards for a long time and Scott, the Susan Lucci of Bloggie awards, is most deserving. The Breast Blog gets my vote for Best Topical Blog–for obvious reasons. Overheard in New York (Sophie, thanks!) is one hysterical blog and gets a mouse click for Most Humorous Blog. The popular Dooce (How do you pronounce that?) makes this poet smile and ranks first for me in the category of Best Writing of a Weblog. The Best Kept Secret Weblog Nominee is an absolute panic! Read The Gilded Moose and weep with laughter…. Photo Junkie is is a Chinook from Canada Stuck in Customs ( deserves Best Photography For a Weblog. His title gives me migraine symptoms though….Justa ask anyone who has “crossed over” to Macau from the mainland– they can explain… Tree Hugger is Best Group Blog. Say No To Crack, leaves the seat up and doesn’t apologize for it. Best Weblog on Politics has to be Daily Kos and its legion of the most loyal readers on the planet. With a zillion hits a day sucking up big bandwidth is Perez Hilton at: my pick for Best Entertainment Blog. He is also in the GBLT ( But remember Susan!) category and elsewhere, but his cadre of Enquirer snitchmasters and Star defectors make him the top entertainment read. He may not know much about Photoshop or IPR, but he is a master marketer and damned funny…. Life Hacker is my choice for Best Technology Blog. All my vote are belong to you. Enjoy…and pass these on if you would… Vote…..HERE

Next Year Nominate The Blogger News Team!

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