In a recent report industry experts have said that the next generation of mesothelioma victims could be those that have carried out DIY work and renovations on their homes and other property, and even the children of these people who may have been around when the works were being carried out.

Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that stems from exposure to asbestos, and many of the current and past cases have been linked to industrial exposure where people were exposed at high levels and for long periods at work, resulting in them developing the cancer several decades down the line due to the long latency period of this cancer.

However, there are strict regulations and guidelines in place now in terms or working with asbestos and asbestos products, but DIY enthusiasts who work on renovating their own properties may not adhere to or even be aware of these guidelines and regulations, thus risking their own health and that of their children.

One industry official said: “What we’re seeing now are thousands and thousands of mums and dads who didn’t know the danger of asbestos and were exposed to it when doing their home renovations and DIY projects. [We are also seeing] the kids who were hanging around when dad put up a new carport, a chook pen, or BBQ area.”

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