The revelation that Ted Haggard is a homosexual drug user may shock folks of casual faith but then true faith like all gifts of creation is self sustaining. If you fall away from the GOD you worship because the person who heralds the truth you embrace turns out to be a charlatan then rejoice because evidently the truth he taught was less then GODLY or else his or her lapse would have little effect on your truth faith. I was raised an Irish Catholic and while the revelations of the last few years have been a serious disappointment in the depth of respect formerly accorded the Bishops and Priest’s

actions of others are and should be rightly independent of my personal faith in the truth I hold for right or wrong to be Gods revelation to the human race.
Evangelical christianity is a relatively new theology first developed in the middle half of the19th century and referred to by mainline scholars has dispensational doctrine. The washington post ran an insightful article on the story

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