The short and sweet answer is that I admire people that try. To me it is not about the winning or losing it is about just taking part. Not every author will reach the fame and wealth of JK Rowling and few musicians will be able to afford their own castle or super yacht.

Over the years I have interviewed hundreds of authors and musicians. Yes some of them were famous, but most were not. The problem with fame is that it is always a challenge to find a new direction to take the interview in.
If you are a tryer you will always have me as a fan!

Let me introduce you to my latest hero, his name is Jim, and he is married to a delightful lady named Terresa. When I first met him he was a computer nerd (like me). Like me, he gave up ‘nerding’ due to health problems. Yes computers can be bad for you, I had two strokes that stand as testimony to what long time stress can do.
Jim retired and has rekindled his love of music. But he still has a bit of ‘nerd’ gene in him!

This is Jim just relaxing

And this is ‘Nerd’ Jim with some video editing software

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