No decent person can condone the events last week in Paris. The attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was an outrage. While I think it is in poor taste to publish cartoons lampooning religious beliefs, it is hardly grounds for a mass killing. Satire is funny to some and not so funny to others. My advice is that if you don’t like something, don’t read it, listen to it, or watch it. It is simple, for example I find most TV sitcoms puerile, I don’t take offense at them, I simply don’t watch them. I don’t like pickles on my burger, actually I don’t like burgers much to begin with, my solution is not to order them. I don’t however hold bad feelings against those that like burgers and pickles.

Unfortunately there are those that do not share my live and let live view on life and go around killing people for no good reason.

There is an old and cynical saying in the news industry ‘good news does not sell’. It is true, no one wants to read good news, the average consumer prefers the gore of war and destruction, political peccadillos, or a huge natural disaster.

In the case of the Charlie Hebdo tragedy it is not only the news organizations that are profiting, but also some regular folks. Few people had ever heard of Charlie Hebdo before last week. Its regular run was 60,000 copies. Following the pointless terrorist attack they decided to print one million copies, then three, and now five.

The jackals were waiting, there was a way to cash in on the events. The first few got big payouts. Take a look at this eBay history page.

charlie hebdo


Yes, someone paid $20,000 for a copy of a magazine (8 pages of paper) that retails for $3.50. One hundred and seventeen people entered bids. The bidding history shows that the item was listed with a starting price of $.99. Oh and offered free shipping. This is a pretty good return on a $3.50 investment. Even being second in the pack wasn’t a bad deal at over $14,500. Things seem to have settles down now, pretty much you can get a copy for $100 and by next week it will likely be $5 plus shipping.

I view this as an egregious and unconscionable way to make money. It is blood money, I also wonder about Charlie Hebdo and its motives, sure there will be a surge of subscribers, but how long will that last?

Simon Barrett





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