Self-Help Book Shoves Out Caustic Advice

Larry Winget Brings it Again with his new Self Help Book: People Are Idiots and I can prove it!

The title of this book came around according to the preface from a line the author stated on a radio show one time in the heat of passion and all of a sudden a book idea and eventually this book was born.

The biggest part of this book is visualization. If you know you can do it then it will appear, its not a matter of waiting for change, rather it’s a matter of chance coming to you. He blames people ineptitudes and their stupidity (hence the title) on their actions. Their actions do not reflect their wants because they don’t really act on their wants. His advice is caustic and straight and he offers simple sound, logical solutions to our everyday problems from friends, to family, business, communication and more. He has action lists for all the big things like responsibility, problem solving, marriage and relationships, how to have a happier life, how to get a better job or just do better at the one you have.

His basic principles are as follows:

Your life is your own damn fault!

Take responsibility for it

Learn what you need to do to fix it

Take action on what you’ve learned

Enjoy the results

His advice for most things in this book is encapsulated in the following statement on quitting smoking:
“Stop putting cigarettes in your mouth.”

Frankly, this man is a raving fool. He approaches everyone’s problems from a practical stand point but doesn’t seem to account for what got them there or where they are going. He expects people to quit doing things or start doing things just because he says so and does not account for psychological, astrological, or physical problems they might have. The only part of this advice that I agree with is the part where he places responsibility on the person and expects to try to do better. Life is a journey and sometimes to get to a place of better friends or better jobs takes awhile and includes doing what you hate doing to get to where you want to go, but the most important part is the desire to make things better or quit doing something. If the desire is there then it will blossom.

Larry Winget is one of most prominent and highest paid motivation and self-help speakers in the nation.  He has written several other books such as, “Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get a Life” “Its Called Work for a Reason” and the most popular. “You’re Broke Because You want To Be” He is the host of A and E’s Big Spender and appears regularly on other channels and programs such as CNN MSNBC, Fox News, and more. He lives in Arizona with his family.

You can buy “People are Idiots and I Can Prove It!” At Amazon and all major retailers.   (

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