Are people beginning to get sick and tired of discovering that their personal and financial information has been exposed?

Employees at Xerox are picketing their office in Oregon because it took four months for anyone to be notified that a Human Resource’s Manager lost a laptop with their personal information on it.

Many of the employees (rightfully feel) that an offer of “free credit monitoring services” is coming four months too late, and are wondering why their information was stored on a laptop?

KOIN 6 News story, here.

With the news that TJX has potentially exposed millions in several countries by having their systems hacked, we are likely to see more and more people speak out!

Of course, we could ask Martha Coakley, who was just sworn in as the Attorney General in state of Massachusetts. Ms. Coakley recently discovered someone was trying to use her credit card to buy a Dell. Her comment was that the chances of catching the crook “are slim to none, since even if they could link it to a person, jurisdictional issues would likely hamper an effort to prosecute.”

Boston Herald story, here.

Maybe the problem is that there aren’t sufficient laws to protect people’s (personal and financial) information, or go after the people – who steal it?

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