Many Pennsylvanians do not like the way things are going in their commonwealth. In a new poll released by PennFuture, an alternative energy advocacy group, 47 percent of respondents believe that the state is heading in the “wrong direction” with 38 percent believing the opposite.

When asked about the No. 1 problem facing Pennsylvanians today, the top choices were the economy (10 percent), specifically jobs and unemployment, healthcare (9 percent) and crime (including drug use- 9 percent). Other issues included “education” and “politicians.”

In the poll released today, PennFuture highlighted commonwealth concerns about energy issues –such as alternative fuels research and the price of gas. About 73 percent of respondents were very concerned about the rising costs of fuel, including gasoline. And 77 percent said it was “very important” for consumers and businesses to increase their use of alternative fuels.

Respondents also support Democratic Governor Ed Rendell’s energy proposal, as well as creating a separate fund to support energy research and independence. Most voters support paying several dollars extra a year to support various energy initiatives and 33 percent of people claim that a politician’s stance on renewable energy would influence their vote.

Although 47 percent say that it would have no impact at all.

A plurality of respondents is between the ages of 45 to 59, while Democrats edge out Republicans by four percentage points. Women also slightly outnumbered men.The margin of error is plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

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