In his comments regarding the cancellation of a football game, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell actually let slip the contempt he feels towards the citizens of the United States in general and the people of the Keystone State in particular.

In one remark especially, Rendell posited that the Chinese are to be extolled for the hypothetical situation that they would likely attend a scheduled athletic event despite dangerous weather conditions and march down to the arena on foot in the process.

While most of the hypertolerant zeroed in on what they perceived as the disparagement of the Chinese, that comment is actually quite revealing regarding Rendell’s most deeply held social and political convictions.

For instead of being a mockery of China, Rendell’s statement is the expression of a desire that our system become more like a totalitarian one.

Cancelling the game on account of foul weather is an acknowledgement of the principle that the individual possesses an inherent worth that certainly surpasses something like a football game that is not essential to maintain a function that could not be done without.

In China, the value of an individual life is next to nothing whatsoever.  If a number of people die there, it is not seen as that big of a deal.

With the demographic situation there being what the government would categorize as an excess of population, a thinning of the social herd if handled delicately during an event that would bring glory to the state could be viewed as a win/win situation.

If Rendell thinks that we have an obligation to attend such communal functions irrespective of the consequences, another important issue is raised.

As a supporter of Obamacare with a number of its policy architects insisting that those having crossed the peek of midlife are less worthy of the full attention of the medical establishment, would Governor Rendell endorse the removal of treatment from the elderly heeding his admonition that they endanger themselves on hazardous roads?

Ed Rendell thinks that cancelling a game for count of snow contributes to the wussification of America.  Perhaps he will be the one to slip on the ice and shatter a hip or have a loved one perish in a traffic accident on an icy road.

by Frederick Meekins

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