In Pennsylvania now, only doctors with a certain amount of education can prescribe medications and medical equipment, including walkers.

I don’t know about professions that this bill affects except nurse midwifes.

A nurse midwife has almost as much education as a doctor.  The difference is that their schooling targets what they are doing.  They don’t take the general classes that a doctor does.

When I was having my first and only daughter, I hired nurse midwife Karen Brindle.  She had a private office in Chambersburg, Penn. and has delivered more than 500 babies. 

I went to her because she was the only person in her office that delivered babies. That meant that I didn’t get a random doctor as you do in the larger practices where you get whomever is on call when you go into labor. I liked that her office was small and very personable, and that she would be the one that would be helping with the delivery of my child.

I was due in July.  I went to her from January to April.  In April, she was told her sponsoring physican was dropping labor and delivery from his insurance and that he would no longer be able to back her perscriptions.  In other words, nurse midwives don’t have a jobs unless another doctor will sponsor their prescriptions.

Brindle now practices in Maryland, where she can write perscriptions. This means Pennsylvania now has one less labor and delivery nurse.  This means also that they supply in this area is very limited and there are basically no options for women.

I ended up not wanting a random doctor as I said.  I had no options, but that to me is not acceptable.  I ended up hiring an out-of-state midwife.  Yes, I drove two hours to Baltimore.  I had a home birth for my daughter.  It was a great experience in the end, but it was very stressful.

I believe that this whole onset was completely crazy.  Now, we have this bill in front of Mr. Rendell that will allow nurse midwifes like Brindle to run there practices here in Pennsylvania.  I firmly believe we should get this bill passed and let the people decide the best options for them.  It isn’t like your arm is twisted and you are forced to “not” see a true doctor.  This is a judgement call for everyone but it should be a legal judgement call.

Lets help make health care affordable and allow workers do all that they are trained for, but also come on people use your heads as well.  Why wouldn’t you want to have some involvement in your treatment and decide for yourself what you think is best for you.


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