By Marvin Ostrega

I am a native New Yorker. I hated the traffic. The inconsiderate people. Living one on top of each other. The high cost of living. And the fast paced life.

I lived in the borough of Staten Island. When I was growing up there was very few traffic tie ups. The people were friendly. Even though we lived close to each other there was still open public space. Things were cheap and life wasn’t so fast paced.
Then people from Brooklyn started moving in mass to Staten Island. The real fact is they had been moving to Staten Island all my life but I only realized it when home builders began building houses in mass. On Staten Island they using up all the free public spaces. Then it became too many people to much traffic.

Traffic lights went up in all over the place. A ten minute drive started taking 20 minutes, then with more cars on the road made it 30 minutes. The traffic situation was getting out of control.

People became inconsiderate. If you were at the local shoprite, people saw you were getting on line for food and ran in front of you just in time just so they could be out of the store sooner. The local mall got a face lift and a new wing and soon started attracting high class stores. It became the high class mall. Where only if you had as lot of money would you shop there.

I got tired of this fast paced life. I needed a place where there wass not a lot of traffic. Where the traffic lights had sensors to time how long you stayed at a traffic light. People were kinder, were not living one on top of each other, causing stress, and the high cost of living was not as much.

I found that here in Pennsylvania. People are nicer. Don’t even think of honking a Pennsylvanian. They just don’t do that here and look at you as if you have hurt their feelings if you have. The fast paced life is slower out here. People just take their time. They are not in a rush because there is no traffic. The traffic lights have sensors that detect traffic building up and leave traffic lights longer or shorter as needed. The cost of living is the same out here as Staten Island but the other things I mentioned offset this. And there is more space out here. Not as many houses one on top of each other causing less stress.

The local mall is nice. Not to many people crowed it and it has local run of the mill stores. It is not a fashion outlet.

As a native New Yorker, I say, “Move to Pennsylvania.”

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