Several news sources (, have now apparently confirmed that Pelosi, Hoyer, Obey, and other House “leaders” have agreed to give Bush the Iraq war funding he has been demanding since February. They will now go, hat in hand, to the Republicans for support to pass the funding over the objection of the “Out of Iraq” caucus. Whether they will be able to manage any kind of erect posture when begging the Republicans for help is questionable now that what little backbone they had has now turned completely  to jelly.

The argument made by Pelosi, et al., is that in September they will demand that the 2008 Defense Appropriation Bill contain requirements for troop withdrawal dates. Should anyone believe they will be less cowardly three months hence than they are now? Certainly Bush won’t; and neither will his Republican supporters in Congress.

Once Bush gets his blank check for this month, and his followup check in September, he will then have all the money he needs to keep the war going until he leaves office. He cares little how many U.S. troops have to die or be mangled, and he cares not at all how much Iraqi blood has to be shed, in order for him to claim that he handed over a winning war on terror while on his “watch.”

If he hands the war over to a Republican, then the Democratic “leadership” will have as much, if not more, blood on their hands as Bush and Cheney. The difference is that Bush and Cheney know they are criminals; Pelosi and her crowd are afraid of the criminals.

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