Pearl River, Louisiana,  Mayor James Lavigne was on good form at Tuesdays town hall meeting. His words, had he been part of the federal government would have guaranteed his resignation. Of course Pearl River is a town that few people have heard of, a sleepy community in the southeastern part of Louisiana with a population just over 2000. The saying ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ comes to mind. That same mindset has become ingrained in many small communities. The major  ‘fish’ in their small pond feel that almost any action is acceptable if it furthers their cause.

Mayor James Lavigne is up for re-election so this little gaff on Tuesday may come at a high price. What happened? Lavigne refused to take a question from a local resident, and when the resident persisted, Lavigne responded:

I hope the Ku Kluxers get you too!

Will this be a career shortening blunder? Only time will tell.

By Thursday Lavigne had clearly seen the error of his ways, no doubt due in part to an article published on, and some rather terse comments on that same site. Lavigne offered a somewhat half hearted and disingenuous apology for his outburst.

Blogger News did not bother to try and contact Lavigne for his comments as our previous attempts to contact him on the subject of missing area resident Zachary Pittman have not been successful.

We at Blogger News have had Pearl River under our magnifying glass for several weeks now. The picture that is emerging is not an encouraging one. Our main interest is in discovering what happened to missing 26 year old Zachary Pittman, but as we shake the trees, many other stories are starting to emerge. Certain surnames keep popping up, among them is Lavigne.

Simon Barrett

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