Immagine in Cornice, meaning “Picture in a Frame” in Italian, documents a string of shows Pearl Jam performed in Italy. All footage was taken from Pearl Jam’s 5-show tour of Italy in 2006. According to the band, some of their craziest experiences performing have been in Italy, and the fans shown come from all over the world including Sweden, Israel, Finland, and even a group of friends from Mexico who had come prepared with a Mexican flag and a few bottles of tequila. The DVD comprises of songs from different sets performed, interrupted by a couple minutes of backstage clips, as well as interviews and commentaries of the band members and fans. Some of the themes include world problems and how the band can help address certain issues facing our society today.

The songs they chose for the DVD are both old and new, with hits like:
‘Even Flow’ , ‘Alive’ , and ‘Better Man’ just to name a few.

Immagine In Cornice

Beautiful filming and directing, as well as sound quality. It is the type of DVD you can sit down and watch in a single sitting, or as I enjoy it at times, on in the background while I’m at home doing whatever. It not only provides great music, but the bright colors and images from the concerts bring out a great vibe. I mean, it’s Pearl Jam, one of the greatest bands ever assembled still rocking out after all these years. I loved the DVD, as I believe any Pearl Jam fan – or music fan in general – will enjoy.

The DVD was directed by Danny Clinch, and includes the following members of Pearl Jam: Jeff Ament (bass) , Matt Cameron (drums) , Boom Gaspar (organ) , Stone Gossard (guitar) , Mike McCready (guitar) , and front man Eddie Vedder , (guitar/vocals). It was released on September 25th. GET YOUR COPY TODAY!


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