The Sri Lankan government’s stand-off with the LTTE is not going the peace-way. After announcing the fresh talks with LTTE on October 28 and 29, the Sri Lanka’s Air Force still bombed the Tamil Tiger bases.

The talks are scheduled to be held at Geneva with Norway lending its good offices as the chief negotiator.

Meanwhile, the Tigers have warned to retaliate if the aggression continues from the government side.

The decades old violence in the tiny island of Sri Lanka has taken its real toll on the inhabitants of the affected areas. “Fighting must stop. Schools must function. Shops must be full again,” said 30-year-old bank worker Vettivel Thiyagarajah, who is waiting to be evacuated from the peninsula after being trapped for weeks by the rebel siege.

Good sense seems absent from both the sides. One is talking the language of gun and the other is hell-bent upon derailing any chances of peace!

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