The Iraq report is out…blogosphere is not impressed. Summary: make Iran and Syria our friends…right.

Syria…you know, the country that destroyed a whole village and everyone in it to send a message…the country that just assassinated another Lebanese politician? The country that with Iran funded Hezbollah’s war against Israel, and is funding many of the foreign fighters aka “insurgents” in Iraq?

And Iran? You know, the country that executes gays, is trying to make an atomic bomb while threatening to destroy Israel, is backing a lot of the Shiite death squads has changed overnight into a thoughtful peaceful country. Heck, even the NYTimes headline of the day reassures us: Iran to Host Scholarly Seminar on Holocaust.
Scholarly? Right. And I’m sure they asked the Simon Wiesenthal Center to present a paper or two there…

Pajamas Media wryly comments:

“…What the Iraqi International Support Group will unquestionably do is legitimize regional interests in Iraqi internal affairs.”

Ah yes.

I am not an expert at Middle Eastern affairs, but I know from personal experience that one does not give more power to bullies. History shows that if you allow power to those willing to murder innocent civilians to obtain their aims, the result is not peace but a lot more innocent civilians killed.

And since Nancy Pelosi blithely stated:’If the president is serious about the need for change in Iraq, he will find Democrats ready to work with him in a bipartisan fashion to find a way to end the war as quickly as possible,…”

Hint to Pelosi: The end of hostilities by whom?

Remember that Baker was behind the “peace” with Saddam Hussein that allowed him to kill a couple hundred thousand Kurds and Shiites in 1991.

But of course, those massacres weren’t on CNN, so no body cared.

Ah, peace in our time…oh, by the way, happy Pearl Harbor day…


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living with her husband in the rural Philippines. Her blog is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket

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