Peace In Our Time

Iran is scaring the Saudis so much they are trying to get the Palestinians to make peace with Israel:

Under the plan, Arab nations would recognise Israel if Israel withdrew from all territories occupied in the 1967 war…which also allows for the creation of a Palestinian state and the return of Palestinian refugees.

Ah, peace in out time…what’s wrong with that? you might ask.

Carolyn Glick answers:
“…the Arab plan calls for Israel to surrender east, north and south Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and the Golan Heights to Hamas and Syria and for Israel to permit four to five million hostile, foreign-born Arabs posing as Palestinian “refugees” to immigrate to its truncated territory. As the “peace” plan makes clear, all these suicidal Israeli moves must come before the Arab states will be willing to have “regular” (whatever that means) relations with the indefensible, overrun Jewish state…”

And, as Merly Yourish notes, it lets the terrorists control Palestine while claiming they can’t stop suicide bombers:
“…There will not be negotiations after an agreement has been accepted. There will only be the Arab and Muslim side insisting that Israel live up to its side of the agreement, just as they did with the Road Map, while providing excuse after excuse on why the Palestinians could not live up to theirs. One more time: There will be no change to the agreement. Mashaal is in Saudi Arabia to make sure of it.

”Meshaal called on Arab leaders meeting in Riyadh to adopt a strategy based on the right to self-defence,” the official Saudi news agency SPA said.

It added: “he said that conceding legitimate rights such as the right of return and the Palestinian people’s right to protection was unacceptable”.

And Mashaal is calling for more murders armed struggle:

Meshaal however said Monday that “Hamas will not renounce its armed resistance. Things are evolving in the favour of Arabs and Muslims, who should take advantage of the (current) situation” in the Middle East. The situation is not good neither for the Israelis nor for the Americans. The former are facing a profound domestic crisis of confidence while the United States is suffering one failure after another.”

You see, I can find these news pieces. There are reporters at these conferences, and you can be sure there are AP and Reuters reporters or stringers at this conference—but these quotes never make it into the main AP and Reuters pieces. Why not?

Hmmm…The United states is suffering one failure after another? Does he mean the Saudi charity funded bombs carried by Saudi born suicide bombers in Iraq?
The Saudis are spending millions to bribe US elites under the guise of promoting “understanding”, of Islam, but one rarely sees news reports that connects the dots.

Does he mean the Saudi funded CAIR trying to stop passenger screening of Arabs by suing airline passengers who find their behavior aggressive? Does he mean Saudi funded think tanks in major American Universities, which of course allows those leading these think tanks to inject Saudi propaganda into the editorial pages of major newspapers?
How about Saudi funded “charities” such as the International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO) who essentially are “front groups”, using their charitable works to hide funding and money laundering to al-Qaida and related terrorist groups including those in the Philippines who have been linked with Alqaeda bombs of malls, airplanes, and ferries? Or the Arab Bank that funds Hamas and pays families of suicide bombers who kill Israelis and others in Israel, including Americans and Pinays who visit or work there?

Sorry, but there are almost a million pinoys working in Saudi Arabia who cannot practice freedom of religion. When my cousins don’t have to throw away their rosaries to work at Saudi hospitals, and when Keralan Christians can bring in their personal bibles and hold Mass and bible study in private apartments, then maybe I’ll believe they just might, might be willing to give up their rabid aggressive fundamentalism and actually support “live and let live” with the Jews in Israel.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket 

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