This week’s show featured segments on Hillary Clinton’s Healthcare Proposal, Chickens for the poor in Afghanistan, America’s growing acceptance of obesity and the creation of Fat Bastards Anonymous, and I STILL Like Flat Buns…I like Flat Buns.

You know, I used to get really annoyed when we had techinical glitches on the show but now I can’t help but laugh about it. There’s not much I can do when the system just doesn’t work right or it somehow affects the show in ways unforseen. As a wise man once said, shit happens.

I’ve decided that all TV News personalities and radio talk show hosts have a bit of “character” to them. Much like how O’Reilly is a “Culture Warrior” and Olberman is a deuche bag (not so much a character is he), I am Howard Beale from the movie Network. People seem to respond to “Angry Mark” rather than “Professor Mark” so since I have no problem shouting out of my window each Sunday morning, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore,” then that’s just while I’ll be.

Pete is becoming the Jim Norton to our Opie and Anthony meets The Daily Show morning specatcular. His stuff on Healthcare was fantastic. We will definitely revisit that topic again in the future.

Tune in Next Sunday for another edition of PC Live! at 10:00 AM

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