On today’s show Rev John wraps up this season’s Ultimate Fighter. The PC Live Book Club present “Speechless” by Bruce Barry. We also take a trip to Club Britney! And I have yet another life changing experience.
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We had a very lively show.  As upset as I was on Monday when I got the news that I was being “resigned” from my job as a Child Protective Investigator, I’ve decided that nobody wants to hear me piss and moan about my trials and tribulations unless I can somehow make it entertaining.  Instead of crying and making a South Park-esque heart-filled speech, I just told the story of my life as a social worker and why I’m moving on to something else.  Ultimately, on second listen, I think I made the right choice.  I ripped through that and we got into the UFC stuff.  I’ve never considered Rev John much of a sports guy per se but he really handles the MMA stuff like a professional.  Good stuff and definitely worth listening to.  We’re probably going to have redo the Speechless review because we had more fun talking with Nikki from BTR and we never actually got to the review.  And finally, the Club Britney bit was unintentionally funny due to how far it went off the tracks.  You’ll have to listen to it to know how many times Rev John said Anal Cunt on the show.

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