It’s our 30-Days-To-Iowa Special! We analyzed the election 2008 landscape one month before the most important primary/caucus of the election. We also talked a bit more about the CNN/YouTube Debate. Also, “Are the New England Patriots Really That Good (and other Football ponderings),” “Conspiracy or Quack: AIDS Drugs Tested on Foster Kids,” and there’s always the BUCGAW!

You can listen to the show hear

I tried something different today.  I played a full song for an intro.  I did this partially because I thought lyrically the whole song was appropriate to the forthcoming political discussion.  Also, for some reason the edit I tried to upload wouldn’t convert so I just gave and uploaded the whole thing.

After a little over a year of near weekly political discussions we’ve really gotten these political discussions down to a science.  Sometimes I worry that when we pick a topic we won’t cover the time/space dedicated to that segment.  Boy that wasn’t the problem today.  We did a solid 25+ minutes on the Iowa Caucus and other political issues.  We probably could have done the whole hour but we had other things to talk about.

That brings us to our sports interview with Lee.  This was an excellent segment.  We’re not a sports show but the occasional sports segment is good just to break things up. Also Lee was exceptionally knowledgeable about football so it was smooth segment.

Pete and John brought the funny to the BUCGAW Report.

The 4th hour segment Conspiracy or Quack could have been better but thats my fault.  I knew the bare facts about it but I should have done a bit more preparing.

Next week on at 10:00 AM we will go to Club Britney and discuss her recent crazy escapade.  We will sum the grand finale of the Ultimate Fighter and I will review the book Speechless.

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