First thank you one and all to those who wrote me on the Ron Paul Supporters letter. Whether you agreed, disagreed or just think I’m a douche bag, I still appreciate that you took the time to write. I’ll try to respond to some of you this week.

I’m a little disappointed however that people didn’t call in talk about the Ron Paul stuff but despite that we still have a growing audience. We had more people listening today live than in any previous show so that’s an improvement.

We had a very solid show this week. Obviously the Ron Paul segment went well and there was plenty to talk about. The BUCGAW Report with the drunk turkeys was quite funny. We haven’t had a good laugh for as long as that segment was probably since the cancer curing eggs bit. The AmeriKKKA Hates Kids was sad and until we brought Pete on and as usual we find the funny in the oddest of places. I’d like to keep doing a mailbag segment but that all depends on what you folks write us. We didn’t intend to go 30 minutes over but one of my friends wanted to talk about Matt Serra being out of the UFC for at least a year so we did an impromptu UFC report which led to a behind the scenes at the PC Live studio bit. That was fun and sometimes the best parts of the show are the ones that come up through the ether that we don’t plan on.

Overall, a great show. This Thursday is the next PC Live After Dark at 10:00 PM on

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