Reparations. The very word brings forth heavy emotions from all sides. Should the descendents of slaves receive money from the companies and states that participated in slavery? The question seems to crop up every few years as it is doing once again.
    This time it is Wall Street under attack. Anyone who has studied the time period involving the Industrial Revolution will recognize many of these company names as belonging to men who built their fortunes on, shall we say, shady maneuvers of dubious morality. However, they also operated within the law.
    While most people today would agree that slavery was an immoral institution that harmed all involved with it, that does not change the fact that it was also legal. One of the rallying cries to day of people involved in many rights debates is “You can’t legislate morality”. Yet this group wants to retroactively legislate the slavery morality into a civil punishment.
     The people alive today neither caused nor participated in slavery. Yet they are expected to suffer for it?
      Harrells’ comments resonate with many of the recent court claims that have much of America aghast. For example, the woman who spilled hot coffee in her lap and then sued McDonalds for her burns strikes many, many people as an aggriegiously ridiculous suit…that she somehow won. Her actions should bring shame and disgrace to her and those who profit from it for generations. Yet she is just one example.
    Who is to say that 140 years from now the descendants of the manager of that McDonalds won’t sue her descendants for the loss of income the manager suffered and the gains of that woman who sued? Yet, for all her faults, she DID operate within the law and such a lawsuit should be summarily dismissed.
    If this reparations nonsense continues, perhaps people like me should sue those who gain the reparations to gain back the money, real and potential, suffered by my ancestors in our battle against the evils of slavery. Their fight against an immoral but legal institution cost our family land, money, health, and in some cases lives. Are we due reparations?
    But of course that is not a politically correct stance. No, I am supposed to still feel guilt over things I had nothing to do with, I am supposed to suffer financial hardship because other people have not taken advantage of the opportunities presented them but instead have chosen to dwell in the past and blame their current state on events that are over a century in the past.
   I really have only one thing to say to them; grow up.

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