I don’t get mad about global warming, I don’t mad about Iraq, I don’t get mad about the economy, but I do get mad at the people behind these problems. And lets face it, there are always people at the root of whatever problem you wish to talk about.

Some people face their challengers and are willing to answer for their decisions, some though prefer to hide from their accusers. One of the worst offenders of avoiding direct questions have to be the government, it does not matter whether you are talking federal, state, or city, they all avoid questions like the plague.

As a writer I occasionally have the (dis)pleasure to have to enter into their sleazy world. The latest ‘toe-dip’ involves the subject of Payday Loans, a subject that our elected ‘experts’ have deemed a wicked industry in Ohio. It mattered not that some 30,000 letters were sent to them from consumers, nor that 6,000 jobs would be lost. Our elected ‘intelligentsia’ decided to ignore the voters, and just do what they wanted. Of course there will be a come back, and that likely will happen in the next election. (here is a hint to anyone running in Ohio, tell the people you will bring back Payday Loans and you will be a shoe in!)

The battleground has now moved into South Carolina. Last weekend I contacted South Carolina Senator Joel Lourie asking if he would be interested in an interview. “Sure Thing” the senator told me. Of course it was not as easy as that, the following day I received an email from Senator Lourie’s chief flunky asking me who I was and what I wanted. Being the nice guy that I am, I explained that I wished to interview the esteemed senator. No doubt the chief flunky Googled me and didn’t care for the articles that I had written.

I seem to have become a leper in the world of Lourie! Oh well, I have been snubbed by bigger and better people than some tin pot politician, I can take it.

In fact I did some digging on Joel Lourie, apparently he loves to be in the papers, but doesn’t actually do very much. I guess that would make him the Zsa Zsa Gabor of the political world. He apparently struts like a rooster in the legislature, but is not up to an open discussion about the Payday Loan industry, a discussion that everyone can read. Apparently it is not only the press that Lourie ducks, he refuses point blank to talk to representatives from the Payday Loan industry. It gives me pause for thought, does this guy actually work for the people? Or does he have a different agenda?

All I can say is “the elections are coming, watch out, watch out, there is a Lourie about”.

Simon Barrett


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