I have to admit that this is a story I have wanted to write for quite a long time. The Pay Phone has a long and industrious history. Today everyone aged 5 and above seems to have a cell phone, well everyone except me. The damn buttons are too small for my fingers following a minor stroke. I use a real telephone, one with big buttons, it runs no Apps, it is as dumb as a tree stump. I don’t even have an answering machine, my theory is that if its important someone will call back.

In the 60’s I spent many happy hours in the phone box.

brit phone box

Yes we had a phone at home, but when you are wanting to talk to the girlfriend of the week, who wants your parents listening in?

Alas the pay phone has been in decline for a number of years. I live in a town of 20,000 people, I know of only one payphone and it seems a little unkept.

gas station 2

I had watched it for months. Did it still work? Did people still use it?

gas station 4

No, it doesn’t still work, so no one uses it.

Which brings us to a story out of Coalmont British Columbia. It is such a great story, the town has 100 residents and exactly one public pay phone. Cell Phone coverage is spotty at best. The Pay Phone is an important link to the world. Check out the story, it has humor in it, but it is also very serious.

Simon Barrett


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