It has been more than three decades since we first saw those inflammatory and offensive photos of Jane Fonda – Hanoi Jane – wearing a Viet Cong helmet, smiling and posing with members of a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft unit. But there she was yesterday in Washington, D.C., headlining an anti-war demonstration and bringing back unpleasant memories for thousands of Vietnam era veterans and millions of other Americans.

Hanoi Jane was joined by other Hollywood actors known for their political activism and off-camera escapades: Sean Penn, Tim Robbins and wife Susan Sarandon, all labeling Bush and his administration as “mean spirited and vengeful.”

Fonda, now 69, noted this was the first peace rally she had spoken at in 34 years. Her long absence, she said, was due to “the lies that had been spread about her anti-Vietnam activities.” Yet not long ago she found it appropriate to issue a public apology for those very same activities. And it seemed for a time that Vietnam era veterans would be content to let her misreckonings simmer on a back burner.

But yesterday’s in-your-face pronouncements by Fonda and her Hollywood cohorts resulted in a very inverse outcome. Many pro-Vietnam War veterans say they were outraged a second time by Fonda’s appearance. Meanwhile, Tim Robbins called for the impeachment of President Bush, saying “Let’s get him out of office before he starts ruling from a bunker” – an obvious reference to Adolf Hitler’s last days in an underground fortification in Berlin.

Sean Penn, the actor with the perpetual sneer on his face, said he planned to “target” anyone in Congress who did not back cutting off funding for the war. Penn also warned politicians they had better condemn the latest strategy of Bush in a non-binding vote early next month. Penn’s wife, Susan Sarandon, accused the government of cutting funds for returning veterans, and mocked Bush’s statement that “we are fighting the war over there so we don’t have to fight it here.” It was also Penn who recently called for the impeachment of Vice President Cheney as Penn received a “First Amendment Award” from a group called The Creative Coalition, and which just happens to be founded by his wife, Sarandon.

While the majority of Americans have become critical of the war in Iraq and question the wisdom of sending an additional 21,500 troops to help quell the civil war there, the venomous words of Fonda and her Tinseltown companions yesterday have managed to reopen and infect old wounds. It is also ironic that one of the reasons Muslims hate us so, is because of the alien and decadent culture that American movies and television regularly export overseas and which threatens basic Muslim morals and values. Then there is the so-called Hollywood life style: drugs, same-sex marriages, multiple marriages (start counting Fonda’s) conspicuous consumption, and general self-loathing. Anyone remember Fonda’s 1960s film “Barbarella” and her erotic zero-gravity striptease?

“Silence is no longer an option,” chanted Fonda. Yes, Hanoi Jane, is your case it is

– Chase.Hamil

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