I am not a huge fan of Paula Deen, I have seen a handful of her programs, I own none of her cookbooks, nor any of the ‘branded’ merchandise. My view is that she is a fairly rotund southern belle who uses the term ‘y-all’ a lot (not to be confused with ‘Yawl’ that is a style of sailing vessel).

It has been a rough week for Paula Deen, it has been revealed that at some point in the past she dared to use the dreaded ‘N’ word. My take on that is who the hell cares?

Let us have a reality check! I am not from the south, but now live here. The ‘N’ word is not part of my regular vocabulary, but I hear it often. A five minute ride in my stepsons car with the iPod turned to max belting out Rap (I am not even sure that it is a valid music genre!), assaults my auditory senses with the ‘N’ word in every line of the song.

I sit out on my front porch, cars cruise by, windows open, and rap blaring, ‘N’ word abounds.

We have had a couple of neighbors that lived in the other side of the duplex. Kids aged around 7 or 8 were happy to use the ‘N’ word, as were the parents.

What is the deal here? Bottom line, if you are African American you can use the ‘N’ word as a term of endearment, However if you are a ‘white honky’ or a ‘Cracker’, the ‘N’ word is forbidden.

It is time that everyone grew up. There are several words that I find offensive so I do not use them. But why beat up on Paula Deen? She is not a racist, she is just a product of her history. While I doubt that she would take me up on the offer, she is welcome at our dinner table anytime.

Simon Barrett

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