The mere concept of Paul Simon and his wife Edde Brickell doing anything wrong is beyond me. Paul Simon is 72, and I seriously doubt he has ever even racked up a parking ticket. Edde Brickell is 47 and certainly does not grab me as a trouble maker.

But the pair of them managed to cause a ruckus and get themselves both arrested. The whole story behind the arrests has yet to surface, but based on their musical backgrounds I suspect it probably started with Paul calling Edie Betty. This probably was a bad move.

There is little doubt that Edie responded badly and possibly lost her temper a little bit.

Not knowing which tactic to use Paul Simon went on to explain that he did not in fact spend the afternoon with Betty, he was with Julio. A good and trusted friend.

There was obviously an air of December in the room. Edie was not quite convinced.

Paul Simon tried his best to calm his wife.

Alas the damage had been done. The cops were called, and both were taken into custody.

In court Edie told the Judge to just let it slide.

It will be sometime in May before we discover if Paul Simon has found a bridge over troubled water.

Meanwhile Edie is deciding if she should jump ship and flee with Carmelito.

OK, truth be known, I am a huge fan of both of these artists. I took great liberties, but only because it gave me a chance to listen to some of my favorite music.

Simon Barett

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