Lets face it, it is never easy being a person in the press. The press love to hammer or lampoon anyone that plays the game. Without doubt the most fun is to be had with Election 2012.

The battle between Obama and Romney has eclipsed even the Kardashian clan! Obama and Romney are involved in a battle!

I am not a huge fan of politics, quite honestly I could care less. I much prefer to talk about issues, those are the icky bits that spoil any run for a free 4 year stay in the Hotel White House.

Of course being Prez, comes with some baggage. You have to have a Vice President.  The theoretic view is that the Vice President is the ‘second most important guy in the whole deal’ That scenario rarely is true.  History shows that the Vice President rarely gets a turn at doing anything meaningful. Sure Al Gore claims that he invented the internet, but anyone with a half an ounce of sense knows that is rubbish. Veeps generally are inconsequential.

I rather like the fact that Mitt Romney has selected Paul Ryan as his running mate. He at least is smarter than to claim that he can see Russia from his bedroom window.

But what I don’t like about Paul Ryan is his uncanny resemblance to Eddie Muster,



Maybe it is just me, but that hairstyle just resonates?

Paul Ryan is a popular guy within the Republican movement. It is obviously only a matter of time before Hair Stylists will be asked for a ‘Munster’. The Munster could even eclipse the Mullet!

Simon Barrett

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