A public pathway had to be closed off recently due to asbestos exposure fears. The fears were sparked after an oil tank fire resulted in chunks of asbestos being scattered over the path, affecting both private and public property. The pathway in Knocknacarra was closed two days after the oil tank fire.

The blaze, which occurred earlier in the week, saw the roofs of two oil tank boiler sheds explode, resulting in large chunks of asbestos being catapulted into nearby gardens, paths, and other public and private areas. City officials arrived at the scene and decided that the public pathway would need to be closed for safety.

There are only three companies in the country that are licensed to handle the toxic waste from the explosions, and a clean up of the area will now have to be arranged by city officials. The asbestos will be removed through the council from public areas, but officials state that they will not remove the asbestos from within private properties.

One resident stated that this made things very difficult, as he was experiencing problems finding someone suitably qualified to remove the asbestos from his garden.

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