This is a guest article by author James Ross. Readers know James Ross as an avid golfer, but golf is not his only love. He is also an avid College Football fan. I asked him his thoughts on the Joe Paterno controversy and here is what the characters of his fictitious Prairie Winds Golf Course had to say on the subject….. and this is straight from the reserved back booth in the clubhouse:
One by one the guys filtered into the clubhouse. The customary cup of coffee complimented the doughnut of the day. Each morning seemed to blend into the other and the rituals were repeated.

“That assistant coach did something that old age couldn’t do,” Pork Chop said to anyone that would listen.

“What’s that?” BT asked.

“Take down Paterno.”

“The Penn State football coach?” Elia asked.

“Yeah, Pork Chop said. “He’s been there almost fifty years and would have died on the sidelines during a football game if they let him.”

“Icons do that.”

“At first we thought he was being forced to resign but now he was fired.”

“What’s the reason?”

“Evidently he knew too much. Several years ago some inappropriate conduct took place between one of his coaches and under-age boys.” Pork Chop blew air on the steaming brew. “Then Penn State tried to keep it hush-hush and the president of the university was forced out too.”

“Sounds kind of like the Catholic church and their priests,” Fred surmised. “What do you think Scotty P?”

The six foot six hunk with long, curly blonde locks smiled. He was the live-in lover of Father Alphonso Blair who presided over Hands of Faith Catholic church. “I’ve never seen any of that.”

“Are you paid to say that?” Paco asked. Scotty P was a scratch golfer, the best player in the crowd and could take some good-natured ribbing.

“Maybe that’s really what went wrong up there in Pennsylvania,” Pork Chop said.

“What do you mean?”

“They didn’t have enough money to pay off the cops like the Catholics do. Law enforcement came knocking and there weren’t enough bucks to make them go away before the press got wind of it,” Elia said. He rubbed his hand over a coarse five o’clock shadow courtesy of his Beirut roots. “Either that or they wanted to take down a bigger fish.”

“The cops here in Illinois would have taken the money in a heartbeat. If that coach would have had his hands down some little boy’s pants in this state, he’d still be coaching,” Fred said. “Law enforcement here will do anything for a few dollars under the table.”

“Don’t forget about the sleazy lawyers and judges. They have their hands out too.”

“Well it’s a shame,” Pork Chop said. “The winningest football coach in college football history will go down with an asterisk by his name and a tarnished reputation.”

“Yeah, just because he knew about one of his coaches’ despicable behavior and not doing much about it, except reporting it to the higher-ups at the university.”

“I guess they needed a fall guy,” BT suggested.

“The bigger question is more important,” Pork Chop said.

“What’s that?” Elia asked.

“When are the culprits going to take responsibility on their own? It’s not about victims and perpetrators any more. It’s all about big business, money and images to protect. We’ve got some Catholic priests and now coaches that are sick perverts. Don’t you think it is about time for them to own up to their demented actions instead of having institutions covering up for them?”

“Yeah, they’re the ones that need to be sent up the river.”

“They wouldn’t last two nights behind bars. Let the prisoners take care of those scumbags,” Pork Chop said. “Child molesters are on the bottom of the ladder in there.”
I am delighted that James Ross has decided to share the scuttlebutt from the back booth of The Prairie Winds Clubhouse.

You can find out more about James Ross from his web site and of course his books are available at better bookstores everywhere, or through Amazon at James Ross

Simon Barrett

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