Pastor Gilbert Deya was arrested in London, England for the trafficking of babies out of Nairobi. He will be extradited back to Kenya and face charges of child trafficking.

Pastor Gilbert Deya said that he was consecrated in as an archbishop in the United States in 1992. Since then, he has claimed that if infertile couples pray, they can become pregnant. However, the children that Gilbert and his wife Mary Deya, had four children, three of which were not genetically related to them.

Another couple, Eddah and Michael Ordera had 11 children in their care. Tests revealed that there was no genetic relation of any of the children in their custody. According to BBC News,

their 11 children are all gifts from God, miracles that came after the couple asked Gilbert Deya to pray for them.

The Oderas insist the children are miracles and it would be unreasonable to expect God to deliver babies that carry their own DNA.

The process of this miracle, involves Gilbert to do an exorcism on the infertile woman. This supposedly cleanses her soul, and Gilbert tells her she is pregnant. After only a couple weeks of pregnancy, the Gilbert Deya Ministries takes women to Kenya to give birth in the slum clinics. However, DNA tests have proven that 21 children in Britain have no biological link to the supposed parents.

This investigation of child trafficking by people involved with Deya ministries in the UK has been going on since 2004. Miriam Nyeko, the Oderas, and the Deyas were have all been in court over the allegations.

The Nairobi clinics where the “pregnant” women were said to have delivered their babies were shut down for operating without licenses.

According to another BBC story:

“Childless couples were very vulnerable and desperate that they would believe virtually anything,” says consultant Patrick O’Brien, noting that medical evidence proved the women were not pregnant before the births.

The children are in protective custody, and authorities are searching for their real parents.

Heather Kuhn is an author who writes for Todays News and the Blogger News Network

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