The University of Minnesota has been working on research to find out more about the reasons behind over fifty mesothelioma deaths among iron workers, with the aim of the research being to find out whether these deaths were connected to the victims working in the taconite industry.

The university has sent out hundreds of letters to date asking for potential participants to make contact in order to take part in the study. Despite reports of low participation numbers the University maintains that there has been a healthy response and that participant numbers for the study are high.

Nancy Tekautz, field supervisor for the University of Minnesota respiratory health study, stated: “We are at almost full capacity.” Another official said: “I do believe in getting all these tests done … to see what’s causing it. I believe it’s very important.”

Around five hundred letters looking for participants were sent out by researchers, and it is claimed that around two hundred tests have already been carried out and that more have been scheduled.

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