Why are we so upset?

How could we not see this coming?

The fact that Paris Hilton spent ANY time in jail at all should be something to marvel at.

Hilton was released early Thursday morning. Sheriff Department spokesman Steve Whitmore said that, due to an undisclosed medical condition, she will be allowed to finish the remainder of her time at her home, wearing an ankle bracelet.

Remainder? How can we not take this as a spit in the face and a kick to the groin? Just look at the sardonic grin of her booking photo.

What about all of the other “medical conditions” that pop up during a prison term? What about the guy who gets shanked in the yard? Or the woman who gets her face smashed into a wall? Do they get to go home? Paris’ medical condition is pretty rare, allright. It involves a whole lot of money and a corrupt judicial system that is for sale. Wait a minute! What am I saying? That is not rare at all! There are LOTS of people with that sickness. None of them are ever in jail long enough to be contagious, though.

Hilton served FOUR days of her initial 45-day sentence. That sentence, because of the overcrowding of California jails, allows inmates who are considered low-risk to cut their sentence in half. This is assuming that they will not cause any trouble in the pokey. OK, so Paris is not the only rich and famous celebrity who gets a break

Let’s not kid ourselves, though. There are plenty of “low-risk” people in jail who serve out their entire sentence and let’s not even mention the innocent people who got thrown in jail because they couldn’t afford a decent lawyer. Paris Hilton is rich and famous and this whole abominable escapade only reinforces the dismal fact that justice and honor are two dead virtues that are on the auction block.

I say “dead” because it has always been this way. As long as the concept of money has existed the rich have been able to buy their way out of trouble. I’m not disappointed in Paris, nor do I blame her. Who wouldn’t do the same? If was a spoiled debutante who never knew anything other than a lavish life of excess and decadence, what else COULD I do.

The blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the people at the top; the people who have shrugged off their morals and ethics for a price. I’m sure it was a beautiful new boat or car and the American economy thanks them for it, but I cannot. How can we put our trust in the people in charge when, time after time, they continue to defy their roles and sell out our system?

There are plenty of opportunities to get back on the right path. Paris should have been an example. She should have gotten five years in general population with no parole. Then maybe her counterparts would realize that simply being in some stupid movie about “some guy” who likes “this one girl who’s kind of dorky” isn’t a get out of jail free card.


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