Paris Hilton probably had not expected this Christmas present. The 26-year-old celebutante’s multi-million dollar fortune just reduced to a six figure asset this Wednesday after his apparently fed-up grandfather, Barron Hilton, announced to give away 97 percent of his fortune, nearly $2.3 billion, to charity.Instead of being divided amongst Barron Hilton’s eight children and numerous grandchildren (including Paris), the massive chunk of Hilton inheritance will now go to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, a charitable organization founded by Paris’ great grandfather Conrad Hilton.

That reduces Paris fair share of paternal inheritance to approximately $5 million, according to the calculations by New York’s Daily News. To her dismay the amount is said to be taxable.

For a quick review on her life, Paris gained notoriety for her hard partying as a teen. She attracted worldwide attention when a sex tape, “One Night In Paris,” she made with a boyfriend was released on the Internet. This year she spent 23 days in jail for driving offences.

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