Film maker Michael Moore’s discussion with CNN’s Larry King on Wednesday was rescheduled due to the heiress’ release from an LA county jail. Hilton was sentenced to 45 days in the low security prison for driving on a suspended license, but only served 24 days because of prison over-crowding and good behavior.

Although a controversial figure, Moore was set to discuss his new documentary “Sicko”, an account of the flaws in the American healthcare system. It is no wonder Moore was re-scheduled for a later date, as the importance of Paris Hilton’s awakening in jail is insurmountable. When asked why she was going public about her experience, she told Larry King, “I just want to let people know what I went through,” adding “it was a pretty traumatic experience, something that I really have grown from.” But has she? Although Hilton has said she will slow down the partying and get involved with more charity work, it is difficult to believe.

Instead of getting information on a film which depicts one of the most important issues in America, viewers were given the priveledge of listening to Paris Hilton’s accounts of prison. This is just another example of the attention placed on an insignificant topic of an insignificant citizen. Paris Hilton and her escapades have been on center stage long enough.


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