The parents of some of the children at the Greenfield Park International elementary school in the South Shore area have stated that they will not return their children to the school until the air has been tested and the school has been given a clean bill of health.

The parents pulled their children from the school amidst fears for their safety after the presence of asbestos was detected. Parents now fear for the safety of their children, and therefore want authorities to get the air tested and ensure that it is safe before the children are returned.

The parents of one of the children at the school stated: “Unless results are negative, I am not sending my kids back. That’s true for other parents.” According to reports parents have been complaining about their children suffering a range of symptoms for months.

According to authorities a clean up and air testing had been arranged for the weekend, and the building should be ready for children to return to this coming week. One official stated: “We expect a clean bill of health Monday.”

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