Oakwood School in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England is under fire this year after the head teacher of the school, Jan Charters, said that she planned on serving students a traditional Muslim dinner for Christmas this year instead of a traditional Christian meal. The plan outraged parents who said that the plan was undermining the Christian religion and Labour MP Denis MacShane who demanded to know why students were not being offered a choice.

The head teacher of the school said that she just wanted to create an “integrated Christmas” but finally backed down after the constant string of protests and complaints from parents. Students are now being offered a choice on what they would like to eat for their Christmas dinner at the school.

“No child should be obliged to eat food that is contrary to their personal convictions or religion. Schools should offer a choice and not allow the joyous celebrations of a Christmas dinner to become a divisive issue. I hope all the children can join in this fun and if I am invited I would be delighted to sit down with all the children for a Christmas dinner, halal, non halal or the healthy option, vegetarian,” said MacShane about the school dinners.

Halal is a traditional meal in the Muslim religion that is a chicken killed with a single cut to the throat. It is very strictly regulated according to Muslim law though the Farm Animal Welfare Council has sought a ban on the practice calling it inhumane.

Fury over Halal Christmas dinner (Daily Express)

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