Jill Starishevsky is a mother of two in New York. She is also a prosecutor in charge of child abuse and sex crimes. Most recently though she has become a frustrated woman. Recently while in the park she watched a nanny ignore the two young girls that she was in charge of for at least an hour and this gave her an idea. Earlier this week, she opened up a website called howsmynanny.com. The website sells license plates for mother’s to put on strollers that contain the website address and a number so that people can anonymously report good and bad nanny behavior. “It’s a tool to empower the parents and to protect the parents and the children; it’s not a tool to work against nannies. It’s just a tool to give parents peace of mind,” said Starishevsky. She went on to add “People keep asking me if this is because I am a mom do I want to do this or is it because I am a prosecutor? My answer is I think it’s both,”

Each license plate costs $50 and gives the parent access to the site where they can keep tabs on their nannies. According to the US Department of Labor, there were 1.3 million childcare workers in the United States. Out of those, 21% were estimated to work within private households.

Lawyer invents way to spy on nannies (Reuters)

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