The Poczatek family of Long Island have a few less Christmas cards to send out this year after their neighbors sought out a summons for unwanted backyard noise while their kids played in their pool. Ashley, 11 and Chloe, 5 are the Poczatek’s daughters who are said to make a lot of noise when they play in their aboveground swimming pool. The family has been receiving complaints about the noise for three years. Then, on June 12, Ashley’s parents hosted a party for their oldest daughter and her friends. The next day, they receive a summons and faced a $250 fine, 15-day jail sentence, or both for each day that the defense continued on with the summons.

The Poczateks hired attorney Andrew J. Campanelli of Mineola to represent them. The noise code that they are convicted of violating is usually used against peddlers, hawkers, and vendors who disturb the peace of the neighborhood with their shouting. When it comes to two little girls having fun in their pool, though, the neighbors are just as hard on them. One neighbor has even made audio recordings of the children to document the noise they make. This is obviously a decision that was planned for some time if they had taken to gathering evidence in their favor. Other neighbors said the noise doesn’t bother them and that the girls are good kids.

Regardless, the charges against the parents were dismissed on Wednesday. The neighborhood agreed to back down before things got out of hand. At the same time, Mr. Poczatek promised to keep the girls quiet while they swim. At the same time, they don’t feel that the girls should be restricted in their play.

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