One of the great ironies of the abortion debate is where the father stands; he has all the responsibilities and none of the rights. He does not have a say in keeping the baby alive if the mother wants to kill it and does not have the option of killing it if the mother wants to keep it. Yet if he wants to end the pregnancy and she chooses to keep the baby anyway he is responsible for the child support payments anyway.
    Compare that to the foster mother who adopted a child, the child proved problematic, and now Her choice has left her with none of the rights and many of the responsibilities of a parent. Caseworkers forbid her from contacting the child because he becomes so violent and angry when she does. Yet state law requires that she pay $427 a month in child support and cover court costs when he appears before judges who now decide what’s best for him.
     (The above link is a direct quote from the article)

      It is a tragic situation all the way around. The boy has little chance for a happy life. The family that once took him in is suffering for having done so…and is hurt emotionally as well because of claims the state of Virginia lied to them to convince them to adopt him. The State is hurt because not only are they caring for a very disturbed individual but in the future both the Briggs and people familiar with the situation will be hesitant to take in other children.
    This is a case where there really isn;t an easy answer that is right for everybody. In fact, it seems a lot like this can only end in tragedy.
    It would be really nice if we had an idyllic society where children were all loved and cared for, had safe and happy homes and clear opportunities for recognizable identities. It would also be nice if those who would and/or could take in children could trust those trying to find homes for them. I guess we all know that isn’t going to happen, though, and because of that we can expect more cases like this to crop up.

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