I have a bad feeling about this one.Beyond the obvious bad feeling, that is.

Two toddlers were found dead in trash bags under a sink and their mother was taken to a hospital for evaluation, authorities said Tuesday.The mother took the children to work with her Monday and left them in the car all day, Berkeley County Coroner Glenn Rhoad told The Associated Press. Rhoad said he did not immediately know the cause of death but autopsies would be done Tuesday.

The toddlers, a 1-year-old girl and a 4-year old boy, were found when authorities responded to a domestic disturbance call Monday night, authorities said.

My guess at this point would be that the kids died in (or later on that night, as a result of) the heat after being left in the car all day and then Mom freaked out and hid the bodies.

FOXNews.com – Two South Carolina Toddlers Found Dead in Trash Bags Under Sink || Kate blogs at The Original Musings.

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