Self-Service Abortion? 

After her boyfriend (and father of her four surviving children) found her heavily bleeding in the bathroom, he called for medical help. When rescuers arrived, she told them she was not now, and had not been, pregnant.

After examination at the hospital and further questioning, she told investigators that she’d given birth to a deformed baby and had flushed the remains. The baby boy was found wrapped in a bloody towel under the vanity.

According to the coroner, the stillborn baby was about 26-weeks along, and was not deformed in any way. Police won’t divulge what she said, but something led them to believe that she caused the baby’s premature birth and resultant death.

As the prosecutor began weighing murder charges, investigators found three more pre-term infants. Two of them were in a garbage bag with what appeared to be a placenta hidden in a bedroom trunk and another was in a garbage bag in a mobile home parked outside.

Cadaver dogs indicated there could be more remains in the yard, but none had been found by Tuesday morning, Ocean City Police spokesman Barry Neeb said.

A 2005 Maryland law allows the prosecution of anyone who causes the death of a viable fetus. The prosecutor plans to argue that the 26-week baby boy was viable at the time of his death.

Testing is being conducted on the other three bodies to determine if they are related to Freeman, and possible causes of death.

Police dig for more tiny corpses, test remains – || Kate blogs at The Original Musings.

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