This one’s lovely

About the only “good” thing you can say about this one is ‘at least he didn’t kill anybody.’ What he DID do, however, is low and disgusting.

From 1985 thru 2002, a man identified only as a “former resident of Paterson, NJ” fathered six children, who were born to his own biological daughters — who were themselves as young as 13 at the time he started trying. (Not a lot of details have been released, so I’m not sure how old they were when they gave birth, or how old their children are now, etc.) .

Dad wanted what he considered to be a pure bloodline, so he chose his own daughters to bear his progeny.

He was arrested in July, and has been held on $500,000 bail since then. He was indicted earlier last week. – News – Police: Dad Wanted Purebred Kids From Sex With Daughters

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