James Kranz caused quite the stir at his son’s middle school football game in Utah. While attending the game, Kranz wanted to get a better view of the field so that he could record the game with his video camera. Kranz felt the best place to get this view would be from the school’s roof and so he climbed a ladder onto the roof with his video camera and lawn chair. Unfortunately this is where the trouble all began as a spectator saw Kranz on the roof and started shouting “Shooting! Shooting!” causing everyone on the field to panic and disperse. Another spectator said “When I saw the police looking through their scopes, following this guy across the roof, I thought it was for real,”

The SWAT team were then called to the scene and ordered Kranz to get off the root with his hands raised. The confused Kranz did as he was told and the real story was revealed. “An officer saw a man on top of the roof, walking around, pacing back and forth. He was acting extremely suspicious,” said police Sgt. Gregg Olsen. Kranz didn’t believe that the officers were genuine at first but after everything was settled, Kranz was ticketed for trespassing and ordered him off school grounds.

Dad Recording Football Game Mistaken For Sniper (WSMV)

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