This is really taking their quest to find stories that makes victims out of members of the U.S. military to the farthest degree! The Minneapolis Star-Tribune is apparently now resorting to advertising to dredge up women in the military “whose marriage is ending” for a story they want to write. There is really only one reason they’d want such examples and that is so that they can show that the military is hard on women so as to show the military in a bad light.

Catch this Jerry Springer-like form of modern “journalism”:

Reader inquiry: Are you a woman in the military whose marriage has ended?

Are you a woman in the military whose marriage has ended?

We’d like to talk to you for a possible story.

Please call reporter Pam Louwagie at 612-673-7102 or e-mail

Please leave your name and a telephone number where you can be reached.

Now why is it, do you think, that they’d want to talk to military women whose marriages have broken up? As I said, there could be no other reason but to portray the military as hard on those at the lowest ranks. Hard on women, hard on marriages, bad, bad, bad.

It is also interesting that they’d be advertising for subjects to interview. Doesn’t advertising sort of defeat the idea of a journalist investigating? Doesn’t it also open the paper up for scammers who might try to fake a story just to get into the paper for that 15 minutes of fame?

This all seems rather unseemly, doesn’t it?

It will be a shame if the Minneapolis Star-Tribune uses this little advertisement to write another article that will denigrate our military, rundown our soldiers, and make victims of them, wouldn’t it? Do you expect the Star-Trib would do any less, though?

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