The conversion of Italian journalist Magdi Allam from Islam to Catholicism has received quite a bit of attention in the world press since the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday. Repeatedly religious observers have indicated that the baptism of this one influential journalist will perhaps mark a rise in Islamic hostilities towards Catholics throughout the world. The overwhelming motivation towards conversion for Allam according to his own recounting was an aversion towards the growing message of violence in the Muslim world in the practicing of Islam, and the enduring practice of love in the pursuit of Christianity.

That reason alone suggests there is some need for Islamic believers to reconsider the global message the violent spread of the Islamic faith is conveying on a widespread basis. The fact that one man, namely the Bishop of Rome, with a baptismal shell of water could unnerve the Islamic world with one baptism indicates the clearly antagonistic and angry message Islamic believers are spreading throughout the world. Benedict XVI is not the threat to Islam that is presented by the media, Islam itself is its own greatest threat because of it’s hostilities towards all levels of Western beliefs and lifestyles.

It seems quite apparent that the message Benedict preaches towards a deeper appreciation of love and global harmony based upon universal forgiveness and religious moderation is a powerful weapon against the angry and violent tactics of conversion utilized by Islamic extremists. Peaceful moderation and forgiveness are the cornerstones of the Christian message of the Gospel. With every opportunity, it seems that Moslems are committed to the emergence of a violent struggle between the virtues of love and hatred in the quest for theocratic domination. The struggle for religious superiority can only be decisively achieved through a consistent message of love and global reconciliation. 

While Islam is constantly attempting to gain victories with a façade of global goodwill and harmony, the Church through the ministry of Benedict XVI is achieving success through active practice and living of Christian principles of harmony and forgiveness. Converts to Christianity are making an active choice of will and lifestyle to commit themselves to principles contradictory to Islamic fundamentalism and terrorist activity because the lifestyle of Christian conversion essentially promotes social and political tolerances through the Catholic faith.

The consistent and unfolding message that is associated with the emerging global Catholic Church is realization that continued insistence of extremist theological beliefs is contrary to peaceful pursuit of humanities common goals towards universal peace and fellowship. The ever-increasing violence and hatred throughout the Islamic world in the spread of Islam is quite effectively causing more conversions towards Christianity, the religion not advocating political, social and religious warfare based upon God’s name.

Benedict XVI continues to pastorally call believers to the truth of the Gospel message through peaceful calls to radical conversion in faith, without violence. The conversion of Magdi Allam and countless others in the Islamic world is truly indicative of the deeper success of the Christian lifestyle as the path towards human harmony and peace. Benedict XVI and the Church are indeed waging a war, but it is a war with instruments of baptismal waters and results of universal harmony. If indeed the Islamic world is threatened by the papal admonitions of global peace and harmony, they have missed the point of God’s message.

Hugh McNichol is a Catholic author that writes on Catholic religious topics. He writes daily @

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